Bedfordshire, UK — Sosa Doors, has been in business for over 13 years and has become the leading supplier of glass and patio door solutions throughout the UK. The company offers a vast array of glass door products that can be used in a wide variety of applications, and the company is most known for its popular frameless glass doors that create a wall or curtain of glass for uninterrupted views. The company has recently expanded their already extensive product line.

Sosa Doors is known for their commitment to service and the fine craftsmanship and durability of their glass doors. The company manufacturers all of their glass doors in-house; and installation is completed within 4 weeks, anywhere in the UK. Installation includes full site survey, custom manufacture, delivery and complete installation. Their single paned glass doors are perfect for any interior use, such as use for space dividers, architectural interest and more. Their double paned glass doors are fully retractable and are suitable for any outdoor purpose and have a high U factor and are specially designed to offer full weather protection. Their glass door solutions include single and double paned glass installations with frameless doors, aluminum bi-fold and ultra slim patio doors.

The frames are available in over 300 powder coated colors as well, and their glass doors exceed all UK building and code requirements. Since the company manufacturers every part of the door in house, they can control the quality of their doors and ensure that every installation is a perfect fit for each customer’s space, no matter how large or small the job, while keeping prices affordable for everyone. Due to their expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing glass doors for any space, as well as their commitment to customer service, it is no wonder that the company regularly receives such rave reviews from their customers, including this recent comment from Mark G. of Chelsea, “Excellent product and brilliant service!”

To find out more about the company’s extensive product offerings and how the glass door experts at the company can help any customer with a custom solution for their home or business, please visit the company’s website at

About Sosa Doors

Sosa Doors is owned by Robert Hughes and he is committed to providing his customers with unique and reliable glass door solutions. The company manufacturers their glass doors in-house to ensure that each and every door meets their high standards for durability, dependability and affordability. Due to their high standards and reliable service, the company has become the UK’s leading supplier of glass curtains and other glass door solutions.

Sosa Doors
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