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The website now allows music enthusiasts to download album the unguided that comprises of 15 tracks. The album was released on 31 January, 2014 by Napalm Records and created a buzz worldwide. The Unguided topped the metallic death metal music genre with this ravishing music album. Some of the tracks of the album, such as Inception, Granted, Enforce, Only Human are still very popular among the music lovers. song365 has the entire album with all 15 tracks for download for people who want to enjoy the killer music created by The Unguided.

There are several popular and top-rated music albums that one can find online on song365 for a free download. One can go for prom soundtrack album download free that unwinds the soulful music of Soundtrack. Released by the Hollywood music company on April 26, 2011, the album has 15 tracks with popular numbers, like I’ll Be Yours, Time Stand, Dreams and others. The original motion picture soundtrack is highly melodious for a listener to go on a musical roller-coaster, mesmerizing his/her beautiful moments of life.

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song365 offers a large collection of free mp3 albums and songs from popular singers of the world. One can listen to the music online or can download the songs for free from the collection. The website regularly updates its song collection to offer the latest albums and music numbers to the music lovers all around the world.

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