SOMO NEWS is an online publication focused on aggregating, exploring and discussing a mandate for the creation of anti-corruption systems. SOMO NEWS has now launched: “THE PUNISHER COLUMN” featuring top media personalities from their current, after-hours, locations and assignments. SOMO reporters, investigators and researchers detail the process, as an example of failed political systems, which need to be corrected. Participants come from every political affiliation. No party is off-limits. If someone in that party is doing the crime, they are going to get the heat. Quite a few people, banks and others have now been indicted, fined, investigated, fired or otherwise addressed. The fix is in, but it is a long row to hoe.

SOMO was originally created by reporters, to help other reporters with their research, but then the Somo staff figured: “oh, what the hell” and opened it up to everybody.

SOMO is now replicated and mirrored in English globally. When SOMO is attacked and killed by denial of service, or other attacks, it can now be crossed over and revived on a mirror within 5 minutes or less. SOMO offers goodies and links for mirrors. Feel free to mirror SOMO.

SOMO has no secrets. SOMO does not even own a file cabinet or hard drive. If SOMO has some information or data then you, the cops, the feds, the public, Congress…everybody has it. Everything on SOMO has already been published other places, previously. This is just a public aggregation Wiki. SOMO does not break the law. Nobody can post at SOMO unless they have already posted it somewhere else. SOMO is a very non-profit public service WiKi.

SOMO will expand it’s scope in the future and assume a magazine format. Additional brands, already online, will support the effort and come together in the future as we complete UI/UX testing and security systems testing.

The #1 question we get: “Who pays for all this?“

Many people wonder if this a secret Dark Money project funded by one of those billionaires that buys part of the election each year? If only!!!

Everybody contributes what they can, but some of the reporters are kind of famous and have book deals, and things, so they are a little rich, sometimes, when a royalty check comes in.

SOMO is not WikiLeaks, or anything like them. Everything published on SOMO has already been published somewhere else, or is a tip about something published somewhere else, usually in some obscure location. Often SOMO staff are just pushing some known facts out deeper into the public eye.

A “Leaker” is a “Whistleblower” who was attacked, without defense, for reporting a crime. SOMO encourage anyone wanting to leak something to carbon copy a report of it to EVERY law enforcement agency, Auditor General, and Attorney General first, with time-stamped proof of when you reported it. If you get shut down after that, go to EVERY publication news desk of big and obscure publications, as a follow-up, SOMO staff advise.

A large number of “New News” outlets have recently been launched by Arianna Huffington, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Tabbai, Ezra Klein and many other award-winning reporters. SOMO staff are proud to be in great company in the next evolution of the news industry.


SOMO NEWS: Snark, Facts and Public Policy Repair – One Crime At A Time. SOMO NEWS is an online publication focused on exploring and discussing a mandate for the creation of anti-corruption systems. SOMO reporters, investigators, researchers and the public operate SOMO as a citizen-journalism public news WiKi.

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