China - People need to pay more attention to the maintenance to precious jewelry especially for the pearl jewelry. The shecy pearl jewelry maintaining could be regarded as a skill. Now, the editor from famous pearl jewelry online seller will introduce with people how to better maintain the pearl in their daily life.

Prevent the erosion from acid

In order to make pearl luster and color could not be affected, the directly contact between the pearl and acid, alkali substance and chemicals such as perfume and soap water should be totally avoided. Do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or have bath so please put off the pearl jewelry in these kinds of situations.

Put away from the kitchen

There are many small pores on the surface of the pearl so it should not inhale much more foul and dirty in the air. As the actually experience the pearl will easily absorb the hair spray, perfume and other substances so people should not wear a beautiful pearl outgoing for hair dying and they should also be careful in the activities of kitchen. Please do not wear a beautiful pearl in the process of cooking and the steam and smoke in the cooking process may penetrate into pearls and make it color become yellow.

Do not be close with water

When people want to clean their pearl, they should not use clear water to clean pearls. The water can enter into the holes in the beads which could be not only difficult to dry but also could cause into fermentation and color of beads may also be turned into green. If the surface of the pearl jewelry has been covered with large amount of sweat, they could use a soft wet towel and carefully wipe off them. Occasionally, cleaning the pearl with light alkaline should also be available and it could maintain moist of pearl jewelry.

Pearl needs air

Each purchaser for pearl jewelry should not put their pearl in the box or plastic bags for long period of time. The fresh pearl need enough fresh air and people need to take their pearl out of the box every a few months and let them breathe. If the pearl is deposited for long period of time, the color of it will be easily turned into yellow so each people should frequently let their pearl jewelry have enough air to breathe.

Totally avoid sunlight exposure

As the pearl contain such amount of the water, these pearls should be placed in the shaded place. People should try to avoid direct sunlight or place these pearl to too dry place to avoid the dehydration phenomenon for pearls

Each consumer who already purchased pearl jewelry from should carefully obey all rules above.


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