China - TAOBAO is one of the very famous Chinese Internet online shopping platforms. With these years¡¯ development, more and more non-Chinese clients begin to purchase their favorite Chinese goods from this online platform. Currently, there are about 7 million non-Chinese users for this online purchasing platform, including both small businesses and individual. However, most of these clients have big problem to communicate with these Chinese seller on TAOBAO. That is why these non-Chinese purchaser need to get help from some China wholesale purchase agent such as Today, this well-known China wholesale agent will share with people some shopping experience on their online platform.

First, if people want to buy a purse TAOBAO, they should not believe the picture on TAOBAO official platform. This is because many non-Chinese consumers found there were many difference of color when they completed the purchase and received the goods. Many goods which displayed on TAOBAO have many differences with physical goods. So, people need to rely on the high quality English TAOBAO agent to get the goods they want to purchase.

Secondly, each purchaser should not hesitate in case they find their wanted goods on the English TAOBAO agent. This is not a joke. Sometimes, the preferred goods will be easily purchased by other people.

Thirdly, the end of the transaction should be receiving for the goods from China wholesale agent . However, most of these TAOBAO agents are very sincerity and reliable so people do not need to worry about the shopping security especially people choose website China wholesale purchase agent

On the other hand, some of the Genuine counter products on TAOBAO are not reliable. For example, there are some clients who purchased two pieces of North Face jackets by their own from TAOBAO official website. Finally, they find that these products are false products. However, if people want to purchaser genuine one, please get contact with TAOBAO agency.

At last, the payment should be best processed by the official Alipay. There is one client who ever used a credit card and three Japanese credit cards. However, it is regrettable that each of these cards has been rejected . The Alibaba official website said that they could accept foreign credit cards but the most security method should be their own payment platform Alipay. People could use this online platform by only using the Alipay value card and easily online registering processes.

Finally, the editor from famous English TAOBAO agent hope each of their client could fully enjoy their shopping on their online purchasing platform.

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