Italy - How to better maintain the high quality wholesale leather handbags ? This should be very commonly problem for each householder. Today, the professional editor from which is the famous Italian leather sofa China wholesaling agent will tell people ever crucial factor which people need to consider for their leather sofa¡¯s daily protection.

First, each householder needs to totally guarantee the better room ventilation as the too dry or wet environment will accelerate the aging of leather. On the other hand, the leather sofa could not be putted into the places where have the direct sunlight and under the air conditioning blowing otherwise it would let the leather surface of the sofa become harden and faded.

Secondly, people should not use soap, wax and other cleaning detergent to clean the leather sofa. Soapy water, detergent and other cleaning products not only cannot effectively remove dust deposited situation of the surface of the leather sofa but also could have relatively corrosive which can damage the surface of furniture and make the leather sofa become very bleak. Meanwhile, if the water penetrates into the wood, it would cause into mold, timber and local deformation of the leather sofas.

Thirdly, there is one commonly misunderstanding that the using of maintaining spray wax could be very good for leather sofas maintenance. However, this misunderstanding cause into many mistake. The editor from famous wholesale handbags online wholesaler said that the maintaining wax could be only used for maintaining the wood furniture and it is not suitable for leather sofas. This is because the leather sofa is actually made of the animal skin and spray wax will lead to clogged pores to these leather products. Over long period of time, this situation will lead to the aging of this product.

At last, each people should remember that they could not use large force to rub the surface of the leather sofa vigorously . This is because that the leather sofas are made of animal skin and this material just like the human skin which need the meticulous care in cleaning process without the vigorously rub otherwise the carelessness rub will cause into the forever damage to the surface of leather sofa such as deformation, discoloration and other seriously situations.


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