07, June 2016: In the development process of Airwheel, there are several new product release conferences to add vitality and vigour to Airwheel and to keep its competitiveness. For instance, onthe second new product conference in 2015, Airwheel released four models—S6, annular electric scooter F3, the electric skateboard M3 and Z3.

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The category fell into the single-wheeled scooter, the two-wheeled and other brand new models like M3 and Z3. From M3 and Z3, it is easy to see the introduction of traditional vehicle or device to Airwheel new products. It inspires a deep interpretation.Earlier in 2016, Airwheel released five brand new products, including Z5, S8 and C5 intelligent helmet etc. and somemodels of Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are designed on tradition.


In respect of physical appearance of M3, Z3, Z5 standing up electric scooters and C5, they are a great deal familiar to the public. Obviously, the masses have been familiar with the skateboard, scooter or helmet. They are beautifully engineered in that way so that the potential customers will not be alien to it. They need not some time to accept and they are likely to welcome them at once.


The traditional skateboard is trusted by the physical force from the user. The user has to make many efforts to offer it sufficient force to go forward. By contrast, Airwheel applied the motor and wireless remote control to the traditional skateboard, finally to transform it to the M3 wireless remote control skateboard. Z3 and Z5 are electricity-assisted scooter-like vehicles. They use the exterior of the electricity-assisted scooters; however, they are outstanding owning to portability and convenience. Airwheel C5 is a kind of smart helmet, coupled with Bluetooth, accompanying camera, HD acoustics and Liquid Crystal Display. HD tone quality and windproof microphone not only can play music, but also ensure the clear call in the riding, making telephone calls more secure.

Airwheel adds new blood to the market.

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