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London, UK and Cardiff, UK November 16, 2011 When Cardiff biologist Niall McCann was on the trail of the giant otters of Guyana, little did he suspect that he was going to come face to face with an altogether different type of creature. Pictures have just emerged of the intrepid Cardiff man taking part in the capture of a giant 19 ft long anaconda, one of the largest ever recorded.

Luckily for most of us in Cardiff the creatures which we encounter in our everyday work are miniscule in comparison to that anaconda, but they can be equally deadly. Studies have shown that bacteria found on office equipment such as telephones and photocopiers are often far deadlier and far more prolific than those found on toilet seats. And we won‘t even mention keyboards which, thanks to our habits of snacking at our desks, can harbour entire colonies of bacteria and other creatures. This justifies why cleaning services Cardiff need to be contacted.

With autumn on its way, there has never been a better time to call in the professional cleaners to give your office equipment a thorough sanitise and clean. This is traditionally the time of year when stomach upsets join with the first of the winter sniffles resulting in a riot of staff absences, not all timed to coincide with Wales‘ Rugby World Cup matches. A good clean now and then regularly throughout the year will help to cut down on the spread of illness within the office.

In fact, the whole of the office could probably do with a good deep clean. The building has coped with the summer, either absorbing breezes through open windows or air conditioning systems. Dust and dirt will have slowly built up in crevices and carpets and those dust mites will have started to get to work. Put on the heating for the first time and that rancid smell of cooking vegetables is actually your office furnishings and carpets giving way as millions of bacteria multiply in the warm fuggy air.

Deep steam cleaning of carpets and carpet tiles as well as steam cleaning office furnishings now will remove the bacteria along with the dirt and leave the office smelling fresher and more ready to cope with the winter. Steam cleaning can also be used to de-grease kitchens and remove scale from bathroom fixtures. However, it should come from reputed cleaning services Cardiff.

When commissioning the deep clean for your commercial premises, don‘t forget the often neglected areas such as window ledges, skirting boards and doors themselves. All these areas are potential dust and bacteria traps and whilst a quick weekly brush will help, a good clean will do wonders for the feel of the office and thereby improve office morale. Studies have proved that clean premises actually improve performance as well as cutting down on sickness levels so a good regular commercial clean could pay for itself.

Professional cleaning companies such as Cleaner Cardiff are used to undertaking regular cleaning as well as deep cleaning of commercial premises. Our office cleaning staff can cope with most cleaning situations; although if Niall McCann were to bring his work home with him, that is one task we would extra carefully risk assess before starting the clean.

About Cleaner Cardiff: Cleaner Cardiff has been providing quality cleaning service from 2004. The company has skilled onboard cleaners and offers a diverse array of services like carpet cleaning, emergency cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning etc. Cleaners work meticulously and make sure that value for money service is delivered.

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