The first thing that you need to know is what do you mean by solid surface worktops? These are tabletops that are made up of one single colour and texture throughout the body, in fact so much identical that if you cut open the jointed areas, the revealed portions will be similar. It is one of those synthetic stones that are now being widely used in people’s bathroom, kitchen and numerous places inside the home.


Back in 1967, Dupont launched the first solid surfaces, named as Corian, and the moment it was launched; it drew attention from numerous retailers and consumers. It is a very hard material and entirely water-proof. Due to its admiring extra features, it has become extremely hard on the part of buyers to ignore this sturdy material. These kinds of surfaces are composed of mineral, aluminium tri-Hydrate, bonding polymers and several other minor elements and pigments. Although it is a man-made material, it offers superior functionality and performance. It has some of the most interesting elements and thus ensures great quality and service.


The primary mineral along with the bonding polymer is a non-porous substance that absorbs water and thus makes it great for kitchen installations. Kitchen is basically a damp place, so non-porous material usage is extremely essential. The material is fabricated chemically, so it is available in numerous colours and patterns, suiting your tastes and needs. Another advantage is related to visual appearance. Solid surface worktops give a very contemporary and modern look to the entire place. Apart from looking gorgeous, it has numerous functional benefits too. Being non-porous, it becomes easier to clean the food splashes. Moreover, the tops are very hygienic and most of them are very easy to maintain and clean up.


Kitchen worktops go through extensive damage from boiling water and milk, acidic substances, sharp knives and heavy pots and pans. There is no point in having a kitchen top that is beautiful and plush but of little utility. If you want to make your kitchen setup tough and functional, you should consider solid flat tops because they will offer the best way to endure toughest kitchen situations. You can easily use them for a number of years without even thinking about getting worn out and they also tend to ensure a healthy environment.


So, to install these kinds of worktops, you need to take the help from professional companies of the UK. Although installation and execution work may be a bit expensive but when it comes to having fine quality services, price does not matter. If you are thinking to implement solid surface worktops, you should not delay further. Sit with your computer and scroll through numerous deals on tops. You will be provided with prices, details of the materials and all the necessary information, so that you can make a fair deal.


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