Solacresec has launched a new Executive condominium in West region of Singapore which is expected to be ready by 2018. It has TBA towers with over 1000+ units. It started with its 99 years lease development with an aim to provide its residents the ultimate modern day lifestyle. The condominium is designed in such a way that the inhabitants of the Sol acres will have a comfortable access to many of its business, entertainment, shopping, health centers and other recreational centers. The layout of the condominium is made in context with a total privacy for the residential areas where its inhabitants can enjoy a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial spectrum.

Sol acres is Situated right beside kea thong and Teck Whye LRT station with easy connection to all the modern day amenities and facilities. They can get access to two rail stations with just some few minutes’ drive. Shopping centers and malls are located in close proximity. Unique lifestyle experience can be enjoyed here with family outing and recreations. The residential sites have different sized bedrooms and have different ranges for its resident’s budgets and preferences. They offer variety of home choices with fresh vibrancy to the areas and more quality living environment will be added gradually. The residents can look for jobs near the home as there is commercial hub starting it the condominium itself.

The ultimate residential experience given by Sol acres are facilities like gym, tennis court, family pool, splash pool, spas, barbeques, fitness and children playground etc. they also provides educational centers for the residents such as the Assumption pathway school, Bukit Pangjang Govt. High School and Teck Whye Primary School besides the many colleges. The developer of Sol acres has taken care to include all the amenities that will be required for living in a modern set up world. Those interested in investing in Sol acres can contact the official website from the web and register for booking the site. To get more information kindly visit

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Solacresec was set up to provide information regarding the upcoming sol acres in the west of Singapore. They help people who are interested in making an investment with the developer of the property.


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