China, 10th June 2014: In order to carry out different kinds of work which involves fixing and manufacturing of different kinds of products such as furniture and pipes, welding forms an important part. Along with positioning equipment these are one of the major things that assist in proper manufacture of different kinds of products. Besides, welding machines or plant are used in small scale factories which as well as local use. These machines are meant to be used for a long time as they are expensive as well as. It is this reason which makes it more than important to purchase machines manufactured by experienced as well as professional manufacturers. One company which has been dealing in supply of welding machines and positioning equipment is Soho Welding.

The company has been supplying these products to various clients across the globe. Presently the company is catering to the customers from USA, UK, and other major countries of Europe. Besides, they are also supplying these equipment to the local buyers within China. Some of the products which they manufacture includes the welding positioners, welding rotators, and the column & boom. These are produced based on the accepted as well as globally approved designs. The other products which they manufacture include the fabricators, H-beam welding equipment as per the specifications required and welding turntables.

The company also provides custom welding machines for special purposes as required by the customer. Till today it has been 15 years since the company has been a part of this welding and cutting industry. In case people are interested to know more about the products on offer, they can visit the website and check out the product list as well as their descriptions. To enquire about the products and order they could get in touch with the representatives of the company on the mentioned contact details. They would be pleased to know that the company supplies a range of welders, plasma cutters, H beam welding line rotators, positioners, submerged arc welders, and column and boom. The portfolio and the products page has enough to offer for the information which people might be searching regarding the company and its offerings. Moreover, being a part of the industry for over 15 years and serving to global customers, the company has gained enough reputation for being a reliable supplier. Moreover, if there are any doubts or clarifications, customers may check their website which provides enough information.

About Soho Welding:

Soho Welding is a company based in China which supplies welding plants, welding equipment and positioning equipment to customers from across the world. They have been a part of this industry for over 15 years and are popular name from China. Products and more information about the company can be accessed from their website.