USA - All the various mobile devices and other hand-held computer devices especially smart phones are making listening to songs and watching videos and movies on the go simpler. But to view videos and movies on such devices, the media should be in a format that is compatible with such devices, viz., 3GP. So, having a good and affordable FLV to 3GP Converter is necessary to make watching videos and movies on the go possible.

Anybody who is interested in getting such software that provides this conversion without any hassle and problem can download such software online, free of cost. This free software also comes with a number of great features. Basically, this FLV to 3GP Converter is easy to download and install onto one’s computer or smart phone. The download and installation will be complete in a matter of minutes. The user interface has been designed so well that it is easy to use, whether or not the user is proficient with computers and software. All one has to do is select the files that needs to be converted and select the “convert” option.

The website says, “The app is quite versatile as it supports many other formats. Some of these include MPG, MPEG, SWF and F4V. It is absolutely free of cost and users do not have to register to make use of the Free FLV to 3GP Converter.”

Notwithstanding the name, the software supports other file formats apart from FLV, some of which include MPG, MPEG, SWF and F4V, etc. Another interesting and advantageous feature is the speed of conversion which is so quick that it’s unbelievable and it supports batch conversions too, making it convenient and quick for the user. And finally, the change of format doesn’t affect the quality of the media and so users can enjoy top video quality in 3GP format too.

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The website provides FLV to 3GP Converter which is versatile, free, and quick and provides quality conversion.

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