29th june 2013 (http://www.xldrugstore.com/) : Ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves and cartilage can be injured as a result of road accidents, violence, work accidents, overuse, sports and just day-to-day activities. It is good that the sooner the injury is treated the quicker the injury can heal. There are many tissue injuries is treated by the ricer treatment in all over the world. You can search online these issue there are many website are available with great information.

Apply the ricer treatment:

It’s best to apply the rice principle immediately after the injury occurs in order to decrease the local tissue damage and reduce inflammation:

- Rest is an important step. Immediately after the injury it helps to reduce blood flow to the injury site and hence prevents any further damage from developing.

- Ice application to the injury is a vital step to reducing swelling and pain. As soon as possible after the injury occurs a Cold Pack should be applied.

- Compression brings with it two benefits, the first is the reduction in localized bleeding and swelling, and the second is support of the injury and surrounding area. Bandage is helpful in this process because it fully covers the injury and overlaps some of the surrounding area.

- Elevation is done by raising the injured area above the heart level to further reduce swelling and bleeding.

- If any doubt over the severity of the injury refer to a doctor or professional physical therapist.

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