US - Manufacturing high quality vehicle parts is a complicated process and it involves a lot of costs. Automotive manufacturers and vehicle spare part manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut down costs related to production of vehicle components. Sofine Tech now offers a wide range of metal injection molding products for automotive parts. With the help of these MIM products, manufacturers can produce different complex vehicle components in large volumes, while still saving some production cost.

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Both vehicle manufacturers and vendors they buy vehicle components can benefit to a great extent using these MIM products. The products can be used for production of different vehicle components such as car spare parts, safety system components, auto valves car components, automotive locks, and much more. Sofine Gian PIM Tech also uses the powder metallurgy technology for producing products that can be used in manufacturing process of different vehicle components.

Talking about the potent of MIM technology, the company head was quoted as saying - “Plastic components have been produced by injection molding for years. Therefore the complexity of the components has increased steadily. Through the development of special processes, such as the multi-component injection molding, but also the micro-injection molding, completely new possibilities of plastics processing result are possible.”

Sofine Gian PIM Tech also offers a wide range of products based on PIM. Discussing the technology, the director of the company stated - “Powder Metallurgy is a continually and rapidly evolving technology embracing most metallic and alloy materials, and a wide variety of shapes. PM is a highly developed method of manufacturing reliable ferrous and non ferrous parts.”

Automotive part manufacturers looking for powder injection molding or MIM products can log on official website of Sofine Tech and know more about the products.

About the Company

Sofine Gian PIM Tech is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of metal injection molding, ceramic injection molding and powder injection molding for the global market.

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