London, United Kingdom -- SocialBox.Biz, a London, UK recycling and storage social enterprise is releasing a number of expert guides on the most secure ways to handle corporate and business electronics that need re-use or recycling.

SocialBox.Biz has made it clear and simple for corporation that need transporting, storing, and disposal all of their electronic and computer hardware equipment.

“We want as many businesses and corporations across the UK to recycle, up-cycle, reuse and re-home their unwanted and unused laptops, computers, and servers,” said Simon Paul spokes-person for the company. “The point of SocialBox.Biz is to provide an easy way to recycle redundant electronics and computer hardware from offices. The first step in making sure that it is all secure and standards like ISO 27001 help help ensure that everything is dealt with securely”

SocialBox.Biz offers document storage, IT storage, and office furniture storage in incredibly secured warehouses. Inside these warehouses, the business owns secured boxes designed to hold and protect viable information. They also offer secure transportation services and even top security data removal tools onsite.

“Wiping servers clean of valuable information before recycling them can be a daunting task,” said Mr Paul. “Many times, this is why companies altogether skip over recycling their electronics that are in perfect condition. We are here to make the process easier. We have trained workers who can securely clear all servers and computers onsite, load them into protected containers, and transport them to secured warehouses with boxes designed specifically to hold important components.”

The business is also offering hard disk and other device destruction on and off site. A one-stop-shop for all storage, recycling, and security needs, SocialBox.Biz is working hard to turn the UK onto even more recycling.

“We want to make sure UK businesses know we can do it all here at SocialBox.Biz,” said Simon.  “All you have to do is give us a call, and we have the entire process covered. Spread the word so more electronic recycling becomes apart of the future.” provides all of its digital storage services through the Cloud and is consistent with ISO 27001 for data security. For more information on, visit:

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