Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA), the leading innovator in helping businesses to leverage Internet marketing for gaining market share rapidly, announces advancements in the integration of social media into its marketing programs. OMDNA clients can take advantage of this beefed-up mix of strategies to compete in areas previously impossible to penetrate.

Simon Volkov, OMDNA’s founder, understands how owners struggle to get the most from their advertising. “Using our social media programs ,” he says, “small business owners can effectively reach out to customers directly, strengthening relationships and building brand name recognition.”

Though well familiar with social media, most people don’t use it to full advantage. “Unbeknownst to most owners, building a group of followers or creating attractive offers has tremendous power,” says Volkov. “Our advanced marketing programs enable owners to combine all aspects of social media marketing and word-of-mouth advertising into a thriving lead-generating network.”

The social networking aspects of these programs are wide ranging, including link building, advertising videos, and SEO. They also show the increased power gained through cross platform marketing . Implemented together, the tools provided build relationships with customers and drive traffic to company websites and various social circles.

The social media training offered by Online Marketing DNA comes in two separate styles. One is a video course geared towards self-paced study, while the other is called the VIP Private Coaching program, aimed at mentored, accelerated learning.

“We vary our programs to match different learning styles and budgets,” Volkov says. “The video program is ideal for those self-motivated individuals on tight budgets, while our VIP Private Coaching targets owners ready to launch their businesses to new heights.”

Personal coaching is the recommended route to complete mastery of social media marketing. Instruction is one-on-one and customized to develop the optimum marketing strategy for the client’s company. However, space for VIP coaching is limited and the client must commit to a full year.

On the other hand, the video training classes demand self-discipline but they do provide everything the student needs to launch a successful social media advertising campaign aimed at dominating his or her local market. This method is convenient and no long-term commitment is required.

“Students receive step-by-step directions in both training methods,” says Volkov. “After our training they will know how to take advantage of proven strategies to become dominant not only in their local market but also nationally or globally if desired.”

Online Marketing DNA provides a suite of tools and programs for those who want to learn social media marketing . Due to its duration and intimacy, the VIP Private Coaching program is restricted to a relatively small number of participants. Enroll today and learn more at

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Online Marketing DNA is the industry leader in training business owners to use the Internet and social media to develop brand identity and recognition. Their premier method is Simon Volkov coaching , allowing subscribers to dominate their markets quickly. Join the elite by going to .

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