Social Media Luv, a social media service provider, recently unveiled its new buy cheap Facebook likes service. The company offers a unique array of Facebook like services including the following:

I Like it Package: 1,500 Facebook Likes delivered within 7 business days
I Really Like it Package: 4,000 Facebook Likes delivered within 8 business days
I Love it Package: 7,500 Facebook Likes delivered within 10 business days

All Social Media Luv packages offer customers an opportunity to purchase cheap Facebook likes that also come with a 100% guarantee. The company also offers daily social media package deals at a very low cost. Some daily deals include a generous array of Diggs, Retweets, Google Plus 1's, and a variety of other social media syndication services. Social Media Love believes that social syndication and bookmarking are lucrative and natural approaches to increase a website's SEO and organic rankings. Interestingly, the company believes that when individuals or businesses buy Facebook fans cheap they are in effect purchasing low cost traffic because Facebook likes tell major search engines like Google how many people are actively talking about or are interested in your website.

Social Media Luv believes that buying cheap Facebook Likes will not only increase the organic ranking potential of a website but it will also increase a company's ability to build trust amongst an expansive consumer base. The company describes businesses with a weak social media presence as one that can potentially encounter a "Faceless Identity" problem or persona. By increasing and routinely engaging with a growing fan base business and individuals alike are given an unprecedented opportunity to build a trustworthy and extremely viral identity on the internet. Social Media Luv also believes that when consumers buy cheap Facebook likes they are essentially purchasing digital advertising that has in many ways proven more effective online than Word of Mouth or WOM advertising.

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