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YouTube was created by PayPal in early 2005 and immediately grew into a billion dollar plus company by late 2006 when Google acquired the company. YouTube today has grown into global phenomena and has even a video reaching over one billion views. The community of YouTube is massive, thus business entrepreneurs and marketers have utilized YouTube for business ever since its launch.

The YouTube view count has always been an important role in YouTube marketing, as it proves acceptance amongst the YouTube community. YouTube views help Google in determining the ranking of videos in both their search engine and YouTube search. Typically, the more views a video has, the more likely an individual will also view the video and possible like or subscribe to that channel.

YouTube videos views have been proven to be a deciding factor and credibility stand point for visitors and customers. Normally when a visitor discovers that a video has been watched and/or likes several times, they too tend to do the same, it is human nature. For more information about Social Media Luv and their YouTube services, just go to their website.

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