Announcing a new service from Social Media Luv that provides instant Twitter followers for Twitter accounts. Adding new Twitter followers presents many advantages for individuals and online businesses in promoting what they do and the products or services that they provide.

Twitter has become a true force in social media with hundreds of millions of subscribers. For those interested in promoting themselves or the businesses they run, then Twitter is generally a large part of the promoting process. Twitter provides a short, concise way to communicate with followers and help expand the outreach to their friends as well.

Social Media Luv is now offering a way to purchase Twitter followers to add gravitas to an individual or business. Purchasing Twitter followers overcomes one of the biggest issues with those who promote themselves or their business. For many potential followers, they will not follow a particular individual or business unless they already have Twitter followers. By purchasing followers through Social Media Luv, individuals and businesses can advance their promotional efforts on Twitter.

Social Media Luv offers different packages for purchasing Twitter followers. A package of 10,000 Twitter followers includes delivery within 7 business day and is 100% guaranteed. Furthermore, the price of the package is only $19.99 which makes for an excellent, competitive price compared to other, similar services. Furthermore, Social Media Luv offers different packages which includes more Twitter followers. Plus, customers can save money when upgrading their selection.

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