Social media is an arena filled with opportunities for marketers and businesses. It’s one of the aspects that boost a company’s SEO campaign and one of the fastest ways to reach their target audience.

One way to take full advantage of social media is through tapping credible people with huge following—also called “Social Media Influencers”. They are experts of their field or simply those who have gained the respect, trust, and patronage of their followers.

The following are the biggest reasons why social media influencers can really bring a positive impact to your social media campaign and website seo.

1)    Everyone is doing it

The rest of your competitors are most likely already into it. You can’t let yourself get left behind. 84% of marketing experts in the world are keeping their eye on influencer marketing. And 59% of brands and marketers have increased their budget for influencer marketing this 2016. If they’re shifting their focus to this new approach, that means this method actually works, and you need to seize it while it’s still at its peak.

2)    Traditional Sales is Annoying

Who likes being sold? Surely, no one. People nowadays are sick and tired of the traditional tactics of salesmen in getting their products bought. If you are the only one talking about your product, chances are you won’t be heard. People want something useful, authentic, and engaging—and not just a plain sales pitch.
3)    Most People Don’t Readily Trust Brands

Studies show that 70% of people nowadays listen and trust brand advocates more than the brand itself. Also, there are 92% of people would prefer recommendations from actual consumers than the hardsell of the people behind the products or services.

Third-part endorsements are proven and tested to work better. That is why social media influencers are the essential bunch your business needs.

4) Influencer Marketing Builds Your Brand
Your brand awareness is heightened with influencer marketing. The posts shared by social media influencers get 16 times more engagement than those shared by the actual brand. Influencer marketing can even be more powerful than paid ads. Your influencers don’t necessarily have to be celebrities. As long as they can influence their huge number of followers, your brand is in good hands. Influencer marketing does not only boost your sales but your brand loyalty as well, and this is something huge.

5) Influencer Marketing Improves SEO

Naturally, your search rankings will improve once everybody recognizes your brand. Google also takes into consideration the social signals in making your website visible on the top SERPs. The more social media influencers advocating your brand, the better your SEO becomes.

6) It Pays Off

In terms of the return on investment, influencer marketing campaigns produce fast results. It’s the most cost-effective way to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. For every $1 investment on influencer marketing, brands get an average of $9.60 revenue from it. This is a very healthy ROI—almost matchless.

If you want your brand to enjoy a strong online presence and huge conversion rate, social media marketing is definitely your way to go.