Buda, Texas; 28, April 2015: Soapbox Rotations offers a 7 day trial for $.01. You can experience the power of their rotations and allows you to see the wide range of classes and specializations that are available. 

Why use Soapbox Rotation? 

Using a custom event engine, the Soapbox Manager Utility takes all available information about your current surroundings and character state to make the most optimal decisions, multiple times per second. Soapbox Rotations has taken an advanced method to create a utility that will enable you to allow it to automatically execute the class profile you have purchased. The rotations themselves are not just “rotations”. They function in and out of combat, and in various changing environments within encounters to constantly adapt to changing situations to sustain critical decision making past that of the mind itself. It is also very simple to set up and run, with a download and a log in you will be up and running in no time. 

Their features include an all in one setup, so it’s a simple download. Their user interface and status frame is brand new and updated. Automatic AOE control, full offense and defense cool down support, health stone support and crowd support. 

Soapbox Rotation’s offer for new users is imperative in order to succeed in World of Warcraft. They invite you and other gamers to take advantage of their trial today! 

For more information on Soapbox Rotation and to download your trial today, go to www.soapboxrotation.com