Chip Foose cars are designed by Chip Foose himself. It is said he started designing cars at the age of seven which isn't difficult to believe when you know his father run a design company. Chip started Foose Design with his wife in 1998 and since then the company has blossomed. Not only does Chip design custom made cars for a number of Hollywood stars but he has also showed up on TV himself.

The TV program "Overhaulin" became very popular with Chip Foose as the main player. In that series, the aim is to convert junk cars into dream machines. Chip works together with a team of mechanics and designers. In addition to drawing a large TV viewers, the show also has several fans taking part in an active forum talking about ways to convert old wrecks into valuable vehicles. Chip is currently involved in a brand new program called Ultimate Car Build Off on Discovery channel. Entrants have the opportunity to win $100,000 so it is likely to be popular.

Several of his car designs have won major awards and many have inspired die-cast replicas. Foose has many business relationships which may have helped him stay center stage as one of the leading US car designers. These include a relationship with Ford not to mention the high profile design project in Detroit.

In addition to Chip Foose cars, he also designs various toy cars under the brand Ridemakerz. He spends a lot of time working for and on behalf of various children's charities and does other volunteer work. If you cannot buy one of the cars you may want to check out Chip Foose wheels. These are well made and stylishly designed and can give your current car the lift you had been trying to find. Chip Foose cars may belong to the rich but everybody can afford a little part of the Foose feel.

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