March 2013 – Snugbug recently launched a new store website that features an incredible line of gel fire products. Their bio-gel and bio-ethanol burners provide aesthetic beauty and warmth without having to deal with any noxious odors and smoke. The simple, yet effective design of these gel burners can be used to enhance the look an indoor room or an outdoor patio.

There are 10 products in all, with each having its own unique style. Take for instance, the Albert that’s made of light grey concrete stone that’s filled with natural river rocks. There is also the Malcolm, which is square shaped and has a charcoal grey colour. The dramatic effect of these products can provide a warm and intimate atmosphere both indoors and outdoors and be a fantastic conversation piece. Each product comes with a stainless steel reservoir and snuffer for holding bio-gel or bio-ethanol. You will also receive a 1 litre bottle of bio-fuel with each order. Replacement bottles can also be conveniently purchased through the Snugbug website and delivered directly to your home.

These products are innovative because of their clean burning fuel which doesn’t create any toxic pollution or leave behind smoke residue. Their weight and shape makes them difficult to knock over to maximize fire safety. Lighting them can easily be done with an extended lighter or match and can be extinguished in seconds by placing the snuffer over the flame.

Customers can keep up with Snugbug’s latest news by looking at their blog on the new website. The “contact” section makes it simple to get in touch, ask questions or provide feedback. Also, social media users can stay posted on status updates via Facebook and Twitter.