Ammon, ID — Falling snow is a danger that more and more American homes have faced this winter, because they were not prepared to deal with what happens when the snow starts to melt. A heavy snow fall creates large patches of packed snow and ice, which can be a serious hazard to safety and property when they break loose form the roof and head towards the ground. Snoshield is the country’s leading provider of snow safety solutions and they are proud to announce the expansion of their national distribution network.

The Snoshield system works by breaking up the big pieces of ice and snow on the roof so that they do not fall in a large, single sheet. By breaking the snow apart, the weight of the falling snow is reduced, and the risk of injury is much lower. Homeowners are also able to direct some of the snow away from high traffic walkways and places where it could do damage to vulnerable property. The guards can be installed by homeowners with little more than some adhesive and the proper guards from Snoshield, and the entire roof can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Since its inception, Snoshield has become a leader for home safety with regards to snow and ice on the roof. They have extended the reach of their sales out of Idaho and they are not being distributed by companies all over the United States. Some of the biggest suppliers now include ABC Supply and Lansing Building Products, with several small regional dealers in the Mountain States.

Homeowners put themselves and their families at risk if they do not install snow guards to prevent unexpected snow accumulations from falling to the ground. Snoshield provides an affordable and durable solution to the problem, and their new distribution channels mean that more Americans have access to these snow guards than ever before.

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