Founded in 2005 in Macau, China, Snag & Inspect is the prominent source for affordable and highly professional apartment inspection, life and safety inspection and resolution consultancy services. The company offers a wide range of reliable and flexible apartment inspections including developer services, purchase-selling inspection, handover inspections, tenant exit inspections, healthy home inspections. It is also known for offering a large number of efficient commercial property inspection services, area measurement services, infrared home inspection services and more. The company has a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who aim at offering the finest services that help developers, and owners to meet and exceed the requirements of their investors. They take into consideration each and every detail of their home in order to help them save unnecessary expenses now and in the future.

Snag & Inspect is focused on gaining complete customer satisfaction. In order to ensure this it provides its clients with highly dependable and cost effective apartment inspection and commercial property inspection services. The professionals of the company also help people in snagging new homes by preparing a detailed snag list covering all areas that require attention helping their clients protect the assets and property of their clients. The experts of the firm are aware of the highly dynamic nature of the real estate market and for the convenience of their clients they offer them advanced and professional services.

About Snag & Inspect

Snag & Inspect is one of the leading providers of apartment inspections, commercial property inspection services and various other snagging services. The company came into existence in 2005 in Macau in china. It also provides professional property inspections to homeowners, tenants and corporate developers across Dubai and the UAE. The wide range of services offered by the company includes developer services, purchase-selling services, handover inspections, tenant exit inspections, healthy home inspections, commercial building inspections and more. For more information on the services provided by the company, please browse through