VoIP is the most widely used mode of communication in businesses today. In order to ensure that your calls are always clear and there is no break in lines, you will need to have the right amount of bandwidth. Whenever there is heavy communication, a VOIP application may use a lot of bandwidth, and the network might break down completely. In order to avoid this, there needs to be a way of testing out exactly how well the VOIP network deals with high traffic. The first major issue with VOIP calls is to figure out how much delay occurs between the voices being spoken and reaching the other end. The second aspect is to figure out how much bandwidth is needed for the VoIP packets to travel in real time. The third and most important part of testing your VoIP network strength is by measuring the average packet loss, which is when a voice packet does not reach its destination.

The  SiP  services from TestVoIPRoutes provides you with the most important function to ensure that your critical business networks are always protected. The SIP Application Layer Gateway offers an additional level of protection to your VoIP network by acting as a firewall. They understand how the protocol works, and they make it secure from the ground up, so that your network becomes resilient to any kind of failures. By regularly testing the strength of your VoIP network with TVR, you can ensure that your business never suffers from dropped calls over the internet.

Their service is not just about making your VoIP calls more efficient, but also about preventing failures. Your network works as a result of thousands of nodes working in tandem, and it is quite likely that some of them might fail every few weeks. By regularly testing your VoIP infrastructure with their SIP ALG service, you can identify these nodes early and replace them. With this technology, you can ensure that you have practically zero downtime on your networks.

Their services not only ensure that your communication channels are always open. You also save a lot of bandwidth on your network. The VoIP testing service intelligently looks for inactive nodes, and gives their allocated bandwidth to other routes and applications. This helps you distribute your bandwidth for other purposes more evenly. For example, your most used VoIP routes will receive additional bandwidth. This efficient use of bandwidth on your VoIP network helps you save a lot of money on your bills.

Prior to  SiP trunking  , many businesses used to find it difficult to ensure that all their ports are able to receive VoIP packets. Hence, the nodes that have not been used for a long time did not receive calls. The services by TVR efficiently manages your gateway by sending packages from such nodes on a regular basis, so that they are always active when an important incoming call is about to be received.

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