UV radiation is at its highest during the months of May through to August, so make sure you protect your eyes!

June 22 2016 — National Sunglasses Day is on 27th June, and it is the perfect opportunity for the eye protection organisation, The Vision Council, to highlight the importance of wearing sunglasses with UV Protection.

Many people choose their sunglasses as a style accessory to complete their look.  Style is obviously important, but the protection that the chosen sunglasses offer should not be overlooked.  Ensuring your sunglasses have UV400 protection is imperative in order to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

The Vision Council are a non-profit trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry in the United States. Its services include research, training and industry networking events.  In light of National Sunglasses Day, it is encouraging organisations to involve their followers via Twitter and Facebook to post photos and statuses and to use the hashtags #SunglassSelfie and #NationalSunglassesDay.   The Vision Council's infographic furthermore shows the risk people are taking by not wearing the right sunglasses.

‘Protecting your eyes when outside is essential’ commented Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness ‘Awareness of the damage UV rays can cause to skin is high, but this is not the case for eyes.  UV damage is irreversible and accumulates over time — therefore it is never too early to start wearing sunglasses’.

SmartChoice Fitness offer an affordable range of Sport Sunglasses under their Openroad brand, which are suitable for both men and women and offer that vital UV400 protection in a wraparound style — so no sneaky rays can slip through.  The sunglasses are sold as ‘Sport’ sunglasses due to their polycarbonate frames and lenses making them extremely lightweight and durable, but the stylish nature of the sunglasses makes them suitable for everyday wear.

‘….the wrap-around nature of them allow that they block glare from all angles. I like that they aren't super dark but that they definitely provide full protection......’ said one happy customer.
‘These are perfect for active sports as well as sitting on the beach chair with a tall glass of ice tea or anything in between’ commented another.

The sunglasses come in three color choices and there are also deals for multiple purchases.  To find out more about them visit their store front by clicking here

The issue of eye protection is further discussed on SmartChoice Fitness’ website — http://www.smartchoicefitness.com/uv-protection.html

Openroad is a brand from SmartChoice Fitness.  Our Openroad brand aims to provide quality cycling gear at affordable prices.  Pride is taken in ensuring our customers are highly satisfied.

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