To celebrate America’s National Get Outdoors Day SmartChoice Fitness have slashed the price of their Sports Sunglasses in order to ensure people have the correct protection for their eyes. In conjunction with the 9th Annual National Get Outdoors Day on 11th June, Healthy living company SmartChoice Fitness offers advice to keep your eyes safe.

May 18, 2016 — Representatives from America’s Recreation Industry, Federal Agencies and Non-profit agencies are teaming up to encourage American families to get outdoors once again and reap the rewards that fresh air and exercise gives. Established in 2008, ‘National Get Outdoors Day’ focuses on inspiring and motivating people, aiming to create a healthy, fun day of outdoor adventure aimed at reaching first-time visitors to public lands and reconnecting adults and children to the outdoors.

‘We wholly support America’s National Get Outdoors campaign, inspiring people to exercise is always easier when they are out in the fresh air and the sun is shining!’ says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness.   ‘People are aware of the potential damage to skin from the sun’s rays, but are less likely to think about their eyes, which is why we have cut the price of our UV400 Protection glasses to just $15.99.  UV damage is no joke, it is irreversible and over time exposure to the sun can lead to vision loss and conditions from cataracts to macular degeneration’.

Macular degeneration is where the central part of the retina deteriorates (the retina being the part of the eye that sends the images we see to the brain via the optic nerve) thereby reducing the ability to focus, read, recognise faces/colors and see fine detail.

Simply by wearing a pair of quality sunglasses with UV protection can prevent any of these issues.  SmartChoice are proud of their range of sunglasses, which are currently sold on under their Openroad brand.  The sunglasses give the wearer UV400 and wraparound protection, as well as being made from polycarbonate making them durable and lightweight.  They are also stylish and suitable for both men and women.

Reviews show that these sunglasses tick all the boxes since being launched.  ‘I really like these sun glasses. They have a rounded front that allows the glasses to fit your face perfectly. It covers part of your cheek and up to your eyebrows so the sun can't peek in.’ commented a happy customer.
‘The UV coating on these glasses helps block the sunlight and I feel safer driving because I can see better. The lenses on these glasses are a wrap-around style which also helps improve your peripheral vision when the Sun is bright out.’  said another satisfied customer.

SmartChoice’s sunglasses are available from, to pick up a pair for their limited sale price of $15.99 here -, and look out for the deals to be had if you buy multiple pairs.

Openroad is a brand from SmartChoice Fitness.  Our Openroad brand aims to provide quality cycling gear, at affordable prices and we take pride in ensuring our customers are highly satisfied.  Visit our website for further information.
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