The number of cars in the country has gone up exponentially in the last few years. This has obviously resulted in more accidents and collisions as also more dents and scratches sustained while parking a car in parking lots. Now minor dents and scratches can be very disappointing as they show up on the body of the car but claiming for as repair through insurance company is not prudent as one has to pay much more in terms of insurance from next year onwards. This is where Novol come handy. There are many companies that make use of smart express and save a lot of money for their customers as there is no need to redo the entire body paint of the car.


Dents and scratches problems no more

Body shops specialize in dealing with minor scratches and dents that look ugly and can dishearten all car owners. These companies carry out repairs in such a manner that the job is quick and efficient and costs a lot lesser than what a complete redo of the body paint would take. Even if there is no scratch or dent in your car, everyday wear and tear can make the body paint look listless and abrasive at places. By making use of smart express, body shops make sure that the job is carried out in very little time and at a fraction of a cost of the body painting of the car. A car owner also gets a wide variety of Novol in such auto repair shops.


Body shops deal with only the affected areas

Realizing the needs of car owners around the country, there are many auto body shops that are providing minor repair services that cost much less than what one has to pay if he takes his car to his dealer where he bought the car from. Minor dents and paints are of such nature that most car owners continue to make use of the car without bothering about them as they do not want to spend a high amount on their repairs. But Novol available in body shops and the use of smart express means the same dents and scratches are now gone in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


If you take your car to a local garage, they would most probably give a quote that includes both body work as well as paint job. This naturally costs very high and only a few of car owners actually undergo repair works that cost so high. Making a claim for such small dents and scratches also does not seem prudent. On top of having to pay higher premium from next year onwards, one has to go to the repair shop that has been authorized by the insurance company.


However, auto body repair shops charge much less for repairing minor dents and scratches. This is possible because of the availability of Novol at low rates and also because of the use of smart express.


If you want to give your car a new look, use Novol and give your car smart express.