Smart Choice Fitness is a retailer of made in U.S.A. supplements. The company has now launched their anxiety relief supplement called Tranquility.

May 06, 2016 — Renowned Amazon retailer Smart Choice Fitness (SC Naturals) is retailing what they call 100% natural, made in U.S.A. supplements. The company has now released their new anti-anxiety capsule supplement called Tranquility. The supplement has been well received and has reportedly received positive testimonies on the SC Naturals’ official Amazon listing for Tranquility.

“I am really liking this product a lot. It truly helps easy my anxiety during the day. I feel calmer and more relaxed. You are able to take this product up to 3x a day. I really love that there is a variety of B vitamins and Turmeric curcumin in there as well. I have recently started using turmeric so I was excited to see it in this product. There are so many benefits from turmeric alone,” states an Amazon buyer in a 5 star testimony of Tranquility.

A 60 capsule bottle of Tranquility retails for a list price of $45.99 but SC Naturals is now running a limited time discount offer on their Amazon listing. The product is now available at a discounted price of $32.99. A spokesperson for SC Naturals made an official press statement in which he discussed the company’s products.

“Here at SC Naturals, we are excited to launch our Tranquility supplement that is made from 100% natural ingredients, and is manufactured in the U.S.  Tranquility is a natural stress reliever capsule made from natural ingredients like Magnesium, Turmeric Curcumin, essential vitamins, minerals and the exotic Indian herb Ashwaganda, that has been used as an occasional stress reliever for thousands of years,” stated the spokesperson.

The official Amazon listing can be seen at

SC Natural is part of SmartChoice Fitness’ natural supplement and holistic range.  SmartChoice Fitness’ ethos is to help people of all abilities to welcome changes in their lives which will improve their physical and mental health. They are about tweaking basic elements of people’s lifestyles, and give lots of tips and advice on their website —   Diet and exercise is hugely important to physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing is no less important to ensure people feel their best everyday.   Smartchoice Fitness currently have two different brands:  SmartChoice which covers the more physical element; and SC Natural which covers the holistic approach.
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