CHOETECH, a leading developer of cutting edge wireless charging devices is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Smart 50W Multi-Port USB Charger that can automatically detect and charge devices like iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nexus, etc at highest speed possible. The CHOETECH multi-port USB charger comes with 6 dedicated usb ports that can recharge 6 devices, all at once. Besides, the light and sturdy built of this charger makes it possible for the users to carry it anywhere else and charge their devices while traveling.

One of the greatest features of this portable charger is that it can intelligently detect the power requirements of a connected device and automatically adjust the output based upon that specific device. In other words, it is a universal usb charger that can recharge any phones, tablets and mobile devices (except for iPod classic and ASUS Transformers) on the go. Besides, what consumers would like the most is its highly affordable price, where they can save up to 77% after a huge discount.

Some of the Key Features of this Product are:
-    Fastest charging speed
-    Compatible with all devices from major brands such as HTC, Apple, Samsung and many more
-    Comes with 6 ports, and can charge 6 devices, all at once
-    Automatically detects the charging requirements of any device
-    Sleek and sophisticated design and no over-heating problem
-    Light weight and sturdy built, can be carried in a pocket

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Founded in the year 2012 and based in China, CHOETECH is a leading developer of wireless charging technology that strives to deliver cutting edge wireless charging solutions and products for the consumers worldwide.
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