12, May 2016: We have to admit that the appearance of intelligent electric scooter is indeed a welfare in such a crowded road environment. Airwheel endeavors to develop portable and practical intelligent vehicles for most of the consumers and wishes to utilize its products to make people live a free life. Airwheel Z5 electric scooter is one of its sincere product.

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To begin with, the appearance must be good-looking if you want to use Z5 electric scooter to gain more good impression from others. The exquisite body, simple line and the porcelain white color. Besides, as a foldable electric hoverboards, Airwheel Z5 adopts the concealed design on the folding joints for ensuring the beauty of the whole body.


Sure, except the good-looking appearance, it also needs the attentive details. Z5 2-wheel electric scooter performs more creditable for its outlook. Before that, let’s take a look at some basic parameters. Z5 weighs 14kg and the dimension after folding is 850mm×195mm×390mm so it is very easy to carry; the maximum speed can reach up to 20km/h which is comparatively a safety parameter moving in the non-motorized vehicle lane.


The maximum endurance for Z5 razor electric scooter single unit battery is 20km. Similar to Airwheel Z3, Z5 electric scooter for adults adopts the modular design and riders can change the battery in several seconds. If users need to increase the endurance ability, they can buy more battery packages. Moreover, the high-efficient USB interface installed on the battery can charge the daily electronics equipment.

For safety’s sake, Z5 electric scooter is equipped with headlight and taillight to alarm other people in the roads. As the proverb says that the sparrow may be small but it has the vital organs! Airwheel Z5 is also small, but it is convenient to carry. Each detail is designed to be perfect and humanized so that it attracts so much people’s attention.

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