A new service by SM Remarketing provides online businesses as well as groups and individuals the ability to buy Tumblr followers .
Surveys have revealed that many people will not follow Tumblr accounts unless there are already plenty of people who are following in the first place. For businesses, groups and individuals new to Tumblr and trying to build up a following, it can be quite difficult to overcome this handicap. However, SM Remarketing offers a way to purchase Tumblr followers to help overcome this difficulty and jump start a Tumblr account following.

There are currently three Tumbler follower purchase packages;

- Tumble: 150 followers for $14.95
- Tumbling: 400 followers for $24.95
- Tumbled: 600 followers for $34.95

Each of these packages has a turnaround time of five, seven and ten days respectively. Plus, they all come with a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied. The advantages of purchasing Tumblr followers to kick start an account may also improve the credibility that the account has as well. Plus, the exact number of Tumblr followers purchased can be adjusted to help make for a more realistic look.

For businesses, having established Tumblr followers builds the brand and promotes products while groups and individuals can increase their popularity quickly, especially artists, musicians or any type of performer can benefit from buying Tumblr followers. For more information on how to get Tumblr followers fast , visit SM Remarketing.

Seamus Smith
SM Remarketing
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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