A new service by SM Remarketing allows businesses, groups and individuals to buy SoundCloud followers for their accounts. SoundCloud is one of the newer and more unique social media websites which emphasizes creating and sharing sounds. For those looking to jump start their social media status on SoundCloud, purchasing followers for their account is one of the most cost effective marketing tools.

There have been surveys which reveal that people are hesitant to follow an account unless there are already plenty of other people following the account as well. This “Catch-22” situation is very difficult for businesses, groups and individuals to overcome, especially if they have a tight budget and little in the way of outside support. However, SM Remarketing allows the purchase of SoundCloud followers in order to give that initial boost to an account and therefore draw more people in.

There are currently three packages of SoundCloud follower accounts that can be purchased;

- Follow Me: 1,000 SoundCloud followers for $19.95
- Friends for Life: 2,000 SoundCloud followers for $29.95
- Role Model: 3,000 SoundCloud followers for $34.95

Each of these packages has a five, seven and nine day turnaround respectively. Furthermore, they all come with a money back guarantee. Purchasing followers is one of the proven ways to attract new followers, increase visibility, create greater feedback and provide endorsement for your efforts. This form of social media marketing is also very cost efficient as well. For more information about this new service offered by Social Media Remarketing, visit their website.

Seamus Smith
SM Remarketing
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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