26, March 2016: Airwheel electric unicycle X8 is the best pick of the bundle. It is hailed as the classic model amongst all lines of Airwheel. It is catching on to the people all over the people. Actually, merely veteran players can steer it. Many beginners admire the amazing wheelie of veteran players and be jealous of their owning such excellent skills. Those veteran players spent much time on learning. These efforts are not seen by those beginners. Just because of the fame of Airwheel X8, Slena also bought one set of Airwheel X8 online. Days later, the ordered X8 arrived at his house and he took delivery of it.


Having got Airwheel X8, Slena cannot wait to have a go at it. The moment he jumps onto Airwheel X8, he fall off at once. He tries several times, but in vain. He started to find it a bit hard, not as easy as he expected. Learning from the previous experience, he leans against the wall and rides Airwheel single-wheeled self-balancing scooter X8. Little by little, he seems to know the rope. Without leaning against the wall, he jumps onto X8. He can stand on it for one second. But after one second, he falls off again. He still cannot ride it. He is close to giving up. His friend tells him that the beginner has a way of falling off Airwheel X8. At his words, he restores his confidence and commences to treat Airwheel X8 with patience.


Now Slena is a veteran players of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter X8. Each time he talks about the experience of riding Airwheel X8, he refers to his patience and confidence. Firstly, being a beginner, he has to be confident about Airwheel X8. And then he should treat the learning of Airwheel X8 with determination and perseverance.

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