Every month Skye Radio seeks out the best new and relatively undiscovered artist and undiscovered single releases. For the month of August 2009 we have turned the spotlight on Lyb Stone, not for being a new artist as perhaps in mainstream music she may be considered that but she has been involved in the music industry since the age of 10 and this 25 year old music artist seems to be just spreading her wings.

With the release of her new single “I Can‘t Be Trusted” a few weeks ago she is beginning to draw the attention of music lovers worldwide. Her sound seems to have a hint of Tori Amos and Aretha Franklin but there seems to be an influence of Billie Holiday in her voice.

Amy Winehouse broke through the bullet proof glass of the music industry with her sultry sound, she gravitated from the United Kingdom to becoming an interest, good or bad, globally. Now you have UK artist such as Adele and Duffy making an attempt to take that spot left opened by Amy Winehouse over the past 12-24 months. The difference between Lyb Stone and lets say Duffy is all in the voice, Stone‘s voice is very powerful and according to information online she was not a natural singer, she conditioned herself through years of training and it shows in her presentation, Duffy‘s voice is limited in range while an artist like Adele is much more conditioned and in line with Lyb Stone‘s voice range.

Tori Amos, well, she is in a class of her own and really doesn‘t have a place in this article but I wanted to make a mention of her nonetheless.

Now with music fans worldwide over the past year or so adhering to Duffy and Adele, it is a no-brainer that once he music gets a wider distribution that she will be embraced as much if not more so than these popular artist. This is not a put down of there success, not at all, but we are forecasting what seems to be the path of Lyb Stone.

Recently we caught her on a radio show recently and the way she presented herself was impressive, her background not only entails singing but also stage acting, from the theater to being a featured act throughout New England.

This is why Lyb Stone is our choice for emerging artist of 2009 and is being spotlighted by Skye Radio.

Tom Englund
Skye Radio