Desert Bloom Skin Care expert says further testing must be done before scientists support skin tone altering research.

(Scottsdale, AZ)  Altering a person's skin tone without exposing it to harmful ultra violet rays or self-tanning products may be a step closer to reality.  But these scientific findings are raising concerns from some aestheticians who believe the results reveal detrimental effects.

Researchers have concluded that uncovered cellular pathways in skin pigment cells that are exposed to estrogen or progesterone can significantly contribute to skin color change.   The discovery was made by Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

"The data suggests that these two hormones, combined with specific synthetic hormones, could lead to the creation of new products that alter skin pigmentation," said Natalya Borakowski.  The aesthetician at Desert Bloom Skin Care -- based in Scottsdale, AZ. -- calls the findings a bit troubling and misleading.

"Allowing the use of steroid hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone in cosmetic products, is a dangerous conclusion."  Borakowski points out that these hormones travel easily through skin, can quickly enter the bloodstream, and cause a number of health affects -- including altering the female reproductive cycle.  This can lead to cancer and other significant health issues."
She acknowledges this new research is ground breaking, but believes scientists need to continue striving for results that reveal less side effects -- which are not severely damaging to the body.  "New products like this could be promoted by the media in the wrong way.  That would be foolish and dangerous."

Borakowski fears teenage girls will irresponsibly borrow progesterone cream from their postmenopausal mothers in the hopes of gaining better complexions.  "They'll instead develop all kinds of hormonal issues that could prove very destructive to their health."

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