Siya Ke Ram set to witness the Naya Adhayay of Sita and Ram's life!


After Sita's swayamvar and the larger than life wedding of Sita and Ram, time has now come for them to leave behind the Kingdom of Ayodhya and head to exile for 14 years!


As per the current track on Siya Ke Ram, Ram being the obedient son has agreed to Kaikeyi's decision to head to Vanwaas making way for her son, Bharat to inherit the throne from Raja Dashrath as the king of Ayodhya. Sita, being Ram's better half in the truest sense of the word, too has taken a firm decision of joining Ram in his vanwaas.


As the newly wedded bride, Sita who was sporting a crown and heavy jewellery will be seen sporting a plain red and orange costume with minimal jewellery whereas Ram and Lakshman too will be seen shedding their royal outfits for donning the look of saints.


Talking about the look, Madirakshi who plays Sita said, "As the royals of Ayodhya, we were wearing heavy jewellery and royal outfits. But now we will be giving up all of that and getting into simpler clothes with less jewellery. A lot of research was done by the makers to ensure we get the perfect look for the vanwaas costumes. We'll be seen sporting red and orange outfits with minimal jewellery. It's quite a transition from all the heavy costumes to such simple ones but the best part is that now it won't be take 2 hours to get ready."


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