sitZbaths - a new name in bathing? Well no, sitZbaths or hip baths have been around for hundreds of years, and the people behind the company have been around in the HealthCare sector for a good number of years. They understand about the problems of Carer's and people, - striving for independence and dignity.

People come in many shapes and sizes - but the majority of accessible baths do not.

sitZbaths have recognised the need for additional sized walk-in and slide-in, accessible baths. So now, as well as small, and standard; sitZbaths provide for the Big, Tall and Wheelchair user to enjoy sitting in deep soak, safe. accessible therapy bath.

Comfortable 17" height seat (american standard) means easier getting up Deeper heights, generally around 40" but choices from 36" to a tall backed persons incredible 46" high S3055D allow deep soaks. (46" not advised for small people).
Wheelchair, slide-in access allow affordable independence from £1595 ex Vat.

The compact 28" x 48", wider than normal, S2848 is £1350 ex Vat.

For the somewhat larger person, widths to the 35", S3555 Bariatric @£1695 ex Vat.

sitZbaths will also be announcing a new, patent pending, Hygienic Hydrotherapy option, which is WispaSpaJet quiet where you can hear the sound of bubbles as they relax you rather than the hum of a normal noisy spa motor.

sitZbaths, a division of Volker HealthCare GB Ltd, stand G102 at Naidex, NEC 30th April.

Tel: (01752) 823 736
Email: [email protected]