White Label SIP Trunking Platform for IP PBX manufacturers, distributors and dealers is Now in Public BETA

ATLANTA, GA April 17, 2015  – SIPTRUNK.com (www.SIPTRUNK.com), a white label SIP Trunking platform designed for VoIP manufacturers, distributors and dealers, announced today the launch of their public BETA program. The white label SIP trunking platform had previously only been available to select partners via a private BETA program over the past 6 months.
“We’re excited to announce the public BETA program for SIPTRUNK.com,” said Marc Fribush, Managing Director of SIPTRUNK.com. “After two years of work with IP PBX manufacturers, distributors and dealers, we have developed a platform that solves the pain most hardware centric businesses have with SIP trunking. Our process of new account sign-up to live service takes less than 10 minutes and we take care of the end customer billing and taxes all while providing invoice level detail into commission payouts. We’ve made it simple, easy and profitable to sell SIP trunking in conjunction with IP PBX and VoIP gateway deployments.”
The SIPTRUNK.com white label SIP trunking platform provides IP PBX manufacturers, distributors and dealers a combination of benefits that allow them to quikly build recurring revenue streams.
-    Designed for hardware resellers – The SIP trunking platform was design to take the pain out of service sales for manufacturers, distributors and dealers.
-    Brandable – Branded landing pages, account interface and electronic communications allowing for the sale of service under the manufacturer, distributor or the dealer’s brand name.
-    Simple and easy to use – Simple and easy web-based account management interface allows you to access your account and all of your  end customer accounts anywhere there’s internet access.
-    Fully automated provisioning – Fully automated account creation and service provisioning means it takes less than 10 minutes – start to finish – to create, set-up and have a SIP trunking service ready for use.
-    Multiple sales / commission tiers – Multi-tiered commission structure allows for full control of partner commission levels based on how much each should earn. Create up to four tiers of commission levels on the platform.
-    Transparent commissions – Transparent monthly reporting and automated commission payouts directly into your bank account takes the mystery out of how much was made on each deal sold. Every invoice has a detailed breakdown of commissions to be paid out.
-    Hands off billing and taxes – Hands off end customer billing and taxation eliminates the need to worry about billing customers or computing, collecting and remitting complex federal, state, and local phone service taxes.
-    Expert service and support – Industry leading support center provides access to industry veterans ready to help with opportunities or resolve other issues.
In addition to the platform benefits, SIPTRUNK.com BETA program participants will receive a free account that includes SIP trunks to use for their own testing and demoing purposes. VoIP manufacturers, distributors and dealers that join the BETA program will also receive special commission levels and incentives in exchange for their participation.
To learn more about the SIPTRUNK.com white label SIP trunking platform or to sign-up for the BETA program, please visit http://www.SIPTRUNK.com.
About SIPTRUNK.com
SIPTRUNK.com is the simple, easy and profitable way for VoIP manufacturers, distributors and dealers to sell SIP trunking. With SIPTRUNK.com, account creation to live service happens in less than 10 minutes! The SIPTRUNK.com white label SIP trunking platform is designed for hardware centric businesses interested in developing a monthly recurring revenue stream from selling SIP trunking services. SIPTRUNK.com is brandable, handles all end user billing and complex telecom taxation collections, can be configured for multiple partner levels and provides transparent commission reporting all backed by service and support personnel with decades of experience. For more infomation or to sign-up, please visit http://SIPTRUNK.com today.

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