Grammy Award Winner Steven Battey, founder of Singing for Superheroes, joins 8-year-old Audrey to spread a message of hope with “Life’s Beautiful” music video this holiday season

Orlando, Florida-- December 13, 2016 - Singing for Superheroes has partnered with Audrey Nethery, an 8-year-old girl living with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), to release an inspiring music video intended to generate awareness about DBA. Singing for Superheroes will release its “Life’s Beautiful” music video on Dec. 13 to continue its mission to help children living with illness and disabilities around the world. With lovable Audrey singing and dancing with a smile, Singing for Superheroes hopes to touch hearts around the world during this holiday season.

“Life’s Beautiful” will be the first music video in the series released by Singing for Superheroes, featuring Audrey who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. The single and music video will also feature pop artist Kayla C. Audrey, who is known online as Audrey’s DBA Photobooth, has been an inspiration to many with her cheerful attitude and joyful spirit.

Audrey gained attention after singing her Karaoke version of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”.  Since that original video, she has danced with pop artist Selena Gomez to “Love You like a Love Song”, and appeared on television programs such as Rachel Ray and Good Morning America. A recent video featuring Audrey dancing during the International Zumba Festival has been viewed over 18 million times on YouTube. Audrey has said that one of her dreams is to dance with Ellen Degeneres.

“Life’s Beautiful” will be the first music video in the Singing for Superheroes collection, which will be released to aid its mission of helping children living with illness and disabilities around the world. “Life’s Beautiful” was written specifically for Audrey by Grammy Award winning music producer Steven Battey and co-written by Scott Nethery Audrey’s father.

“Audrey is a remarkable girl who has shown incredible strength and joy in the face of adversity. She inspired us to write “Life’s Beautiful” and we are thrilled to release it to the world,” said Battey.

About DBA
DBA is a rare bone marrow disorder, which causes people living DBA to suffer from severe anemia. Most people living with DBA are diagnosed within the first year of their lives. People diagnosed with DBA are able live long and healthy lives with proper medical treatment. For more information please visit

About Singing For Superheroes
Singing for Superheroes was founded by Steven Battey, a Grammy winning music producer and four-time nominee, and Alix Petersen. Singing for Superheroes creates original music, studio recordings and music videos, for children fighting for their lives. They collaborate with some of the music industry's biggest celebrities, bringing star power to each child's music video. “We firmly believe that the real superheroes in life are the children afflicted with illnesses and disabilities, and are striving everyday to live life to the fullest. They inspire us, which is why we created and launched ‘Singing for Superheroes’. It’s part of our effort to help them through their journey and do good in the world,” said Steven Battey.

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