Elvira Kalnik, a singer songwriter and producer, is preparing a release of a new single after her success with an instrumental track “Chemical Reaction” and requests from fans to record this track with lyrics.

Elvira Kalnik focuses her talents into a variety of styles, in particular, EDM and dubstep. The track is ‘Chemical Reaction,’ a vocal mix by Elvira Kalnik to be released with Hooki-Sonic Recordings on April 21. The idea to release this single came after her success with an instrumental track “Chemical Reaction” and a requests from listeners to release the track with lyrics.

Elvira Kalnik is a European crossover artist who sings and produces an array of musical styles including electronic dance, contemporary pop, dubstep, jungle music, and gentle rock. Born in the Ukraine, she has received high music and vocal education from both Ukrainian and German conservatories. She self-produced her first album when she was fifteen years old, just one year after writing her first song. Elvira Kalnik’s breakout album, ‘Peach Pink,’ boasts a broad mixture of melodic styles. ‘Magical Child,’ her next endeavor, is in the works.

‘Chemical Reaction’ was recently placed on a notable list of the best dubstep songs, a spot that has earned Elvira Kalnik significant recognition. Limited edition apparel for Chemical Reaction is currently available. (See link below for apparel)

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‘Chemical Reaction’ will be made globally available on April 21. For preview and more information, click the link to watch a video: https://youtu.be/Ir68ULD4tbg?list=PLLnep6lJH9ONmwxdGl59qVDa46OdyGS1J

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