When it comes to ships we have you covered. Engineering and shipbuilding is our specialty. Singapore shipbuilding through the Australian based Strategic Marine is the best of the best. They have earned their reputation as the top engineers and ship builders worldwide, and they have some of the most prestigious clients seeking as well as receiving their services.

There is a growing demand in the field, and these professionals have made sure that they have the most up to date tools for the jobs. Every employee on every level has undergone extensive training as well. Strategic Marine has worked their way up to being one of the most influential and competitive providers in their field and in the global market today.

There are more than 400 ships that have been produces with some major functional duties not limited to gas and oil vessels. Steel vessels are purpose built and designed with safety and functionality in mind. They are ready, willing and able to meet global demand as it increases in 2013.

This is a company that started in Australia, and it has expanded to several other companies. Singapore is one of their most in demand and prestigious shipyards. It actually put the company on the map as being an industry leader.

The gas and oil industries are not the only ones trusting the Singapore Shipbuilding company. The National Guard and other high speed government vessels have been requested, built and are in commission on the waters today.

Shipbuilding Singapore started with a 11,070m2 yard in Tuas. There were 40m crew boats ready for completion in the original lease of the yard back in 2005. With more than enough manpower and extensive training techniques this Singapore Shipyard is really one of the best. It has recently become the owner of its once leased yard, and the range was extended as well as employees increased in order to meet the growing demand of the global market.

This new and improved yard has made some major improvements. It now has a 400 ton travel lift, 2000m2 workshop that is covered, concrete standing areas, 10 ton overhead cranes, 400m2 of office space and collection areas for hazardous materials. Still, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you are needing engineering done on an existing vessel or you are looking to have a ship built that will last and function flawlessly designed especially for your needs of it, then look no farther that Strategic Marine for your Singapore Shipbuilding needs.

For more information kindly visit: http://www.strategicmarine.com/