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UK companies rejoice as GPS vehicle tracking systems from SimplyTrak keeps the budget in control

Brough, United Kingdom, January 20th, 2011 Asset tracking legend SimplyTrak is promising to continue to drive down operating costs for fleet managers across the United Kingdom with their GPS vehicle tracking systems. The company (you can see full details of its vehicle tracking systems at http://www.simplytrak.co.uk) has developed a wildly successful tracking suite, capable of providing total packages of information about the status and location of every vehicle in a fleet, at any time.

In addition to the real time information provided by the SimplyTrak system, users have access to an unrivalled suite of reports, which are generated from an easy graphic user interface held on software in company computers. It is these reports that really drive the successful use of the SimplyTrak GPS vehicle tracking system taking the raw data collected from every vehicle in a fleet and translating it into meaningful reports that show where certain routes are costing too much in tolls or petrol, or where fleet habits are causing less than optimally efficient driver behaviour. The report suite is also capable of streamlining driver shift patterns in accordance with the Working Time Directive and Health and Safety laws.

Fleet managers that have been using SimplyTrak for some time are already convinced of its excellence. One satisfied fleet manager is of the opinion that they have saved thousands since they started using the GPS vehicle tracking system. Now they know where every truck is, all the time and whether or not it is behaving efficiently. Their productivity has gone through the roof and the maintenance and fuel bills are down.

SimplyTrak is committed to helping all British businesses that rely on movable assets for their profit. Early indications are that the latest version of its tracking systems is outstanding.

About SimplyTrak
SimplyTrak is a UK based asset tracking company offering GPS vehicle tracking systems to today‘s fleet managers for efficient fleet control and keeping the company bills down.

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