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Simplytrak are on track for the big time

Brough, United Kingdom, November 29th, 2010 UK asset tracking company Simplytrak (http://www.simplytrak.co.uk) is hitting the big time as its GPS tracking system is partnered with major phone suppliers around the world. Of particular note is the contract recently won by Simplytrak to provide remote security to outback mobile phone stations in Africa. The company has been able to develop a bespoke asset tracking and monitoring solution for one of the largest phone providers in the world, off the back of its existing vehicle and asset tracking solution.

The results are quite astonishing. Simplytrak has adapted its current system to provide real time information about every part of the mobile phone mast‘s outpost environment. Staff monitoring remote mobile phone outposts (which are essential for proper and safe communication across the African continent) are able to keep tabs on ambient temperature; equipment health; current mast usage; and even whether or not there are people in the mast compound.

The GPS tracking system that Simplytrak has adapted for this purpose is the same one that powers its extremely successful UK fleet tracking programs all of which show similar functionality. Simplytrak enables its users to check out real time information regarding vehicle positioning but also fuel usage, engine idling time, unauthorised usages and deviations from route plans or timings. Simplytrak can do this by bouncing instrument data and read- outs off the same satellite that delivers positioning information for the vehicle (or phone mast) fitted with the system.

Simplytrak‘s GPS tracking system has already been making business more profitable and streamlined for hundreds of UK companies. Now it is partnering with some of the world‘s most respected phone providers to make sure that communications across the planet can run as efficiently and safely as fleets of British lorries.

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