SIMPLIFAST®, the first ready-to-drink fasting beverage, has reinvented the Master Cleanse (aka the Lemonade Diet). The lemonade diet has been around for decades with its health benefits touted by everyone from doctors to celebrity product endorsers. Simplifast has made the so-called lemonade detox diet possible for busy people on-the-go with the world‘s first ready-to-drink improved version of the lemonade diet formula. Simplifast is an ultra functional beverage, forging a brand new category in the high-growth beverage industry. The cleansing lemonade diet beverage is experiencing accelerating growth at specialty supermarkets and regional supplement chains throughout the U.S.

“The lemonade diet has been around for many years with countless powder and gel mix versions available on the market and endless do-it-yourself detox cleanse recipes,” says Dianna Toomey, Simplifast Founder and CEO. “Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and proper weight management to all consumers by enabling a wider audience to enjoy the many health benefits of the master cleanse and lemonade diet concept.”

Some people in the entertainment industry have used the lemonade diet for rapid weight loss, leading members of the public to follow their example and use what has been described as an extreme fad diet or as a crash diet. In 2006, the master cleanse received media attention as a result of being embraced by some celebrities. The singer/actress Beyoncé did it for 14 days and lost 20 pounds for her role in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls and Howard Stern's co-host Robin Quivers claims to have lost 73 pounds using the master cleanse diet.

Similarly, actor Jared Leto says he lost the weight he gained to play 'Mark David Chapman' (he gained 62 pounds) all from the master cleanse lemonade diet. Anne Hathaway is a devotee of the 48-Hour Detox, created by celebrity fitness trainer David Hirsch. It is a shortened version of the master cleanse lemon detox, except the ingredients have been pre-prepared. Gwyneth Paltrow likes to do a fast or cleanse diet a couple of times a year. She has tried the master cleanse lemonade diet and found it worked well for her but, together with her liquid detox doctor, she has also created some cleansing diets of her own and is a spokesperson for her doctor‘s diet cleansing products.

Aaron Petrosky, Simplifast Executive Vice President adds, “You do not have to have a personal trainer or a time consuming and costly professionally managed master diet cleanse to achieve optimal weight-loss and the health benefits from the lemonade diet that facilitates proper weight management. As one of our Twitter followers recently commented on Simplifast: ´They are a bit tart, I assume from the lemon juice, which I actually like. The bottle is unobtrusive, it's not advertising that you are on a juice fast or embarrassing, like chugging a Brand X slimming shake or a Brand Y miracle diet (no lie, I saw a lady drinking one of those and EATING A BIG MAC once)‘.” For more consumer testimonials, visit the Simplifast website.

Prior to Simplifast, there was nothing available on the market specifically designed for the busy, working consumer, where several pills and laxatives didn‘t fall into the mix making fasting and diet cleansing a very costly and time-consuming endeavor. So many of the concentrated fasting diet drinks on the market contain toxic preservatives and have an unappealing taste, plus most all lack the important nutrients needed to sustain a fasting diet or replace a meal, leaving people weak and dizzy, and therefore not finishing the diet cleansing program they started.

Simplifast is the world‘s first all-natural, ready-to-drink fasting beverage based on the lemonade diet concept. It contains all the vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and fiber necessary to support the body and promote detoxification during a fasting diet. Designed for one, three and seven-day fasting diets, Simplifast is also a great meal replacement and an alternative to sugary sports drinks, caffeinated energy drinks and unhealthy snacks and beverages. Simplifast is packaged in 16-ounce bottles and comes in three flavors including Lemon, Strawberry and Blueberry.
Unlike other fasting diet programs and products, Simplifast contains a powerful combination of all the necessary nutrients needed to support the body and promote detoxification during a liquid detox fasting routine including: 11 grams of Fiber per serving (44% daily value), pure lemon juice (3-4 fresh lemons in every bottle), pure organic grade B maple syrup, potassium, sodium, vitamin E (50%), vitamin C (100%), vitamin A (50%), vitamin B6 (100%), magnesium (10%), manganese (10%), zinc (10%) and selenium (10%). Simplifast is all-natural and contains no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. It is available online at and at, and in leading specialty supermarkets and supplement shops throughout the U.S and Internationally. For more information, please visit Twitter,