Simon Volkov Has Been Formally Awarded the Title of Orange County’s “Best Marketing Company”

Responders to a recent web-based opinion poll seeking to identify the “Best Marketing Company” selected Internet marketing authority Simon Volkov. The outcome was not surprising in that Simon is one of the most prominently recognized businessmen in Orange County.

Intense debate regarding who was the proper claimant to the distinction of being the “Best Marketing Company” in Orange County motivated the poll. To maintain fair competition among all local residents, the web was the chosen medium and the winner was identified independently.

Upon introduction of the poll, the contest was fierce for the honor of being named “Best Marketing Company.” However, the final tally indicated that the winner of the sought-after title was obvious and undisputed.

Shortly after the poll’s closing, Mr. Volkov was declared “Best Marketing Firm” in Orange County , CA. Residents who previously had not known Simon were awe-struck at his amazing accomplishments, while those who did recognize him agreed whole-heartedly with the choice.

Simon Volkov is indefatigable in his efforts to beef up the marketing efforts of local community businesses, and this undoubtedly led peers to award him as “Best Marketing Agency.” Mr. Volkov is an eminent Internet marketing specialist who helps businesses to establish a strong presence on the web and to master cross-channel marketing methods including social media. A majority of poll participants agreed that his earning the formal title was well deserved.

Mr. Volkov was pleasantly surprised with the results. “To be completely honest,” he said, “I didn’t even know about the ballot. I’m humbly impressed that so many people know my name!”

Nonetheless, Volkov was genuinely grateful. “I do work hard, and I am thrilled with what I have in the works for 2013. It is both an honor and a privilege to learn that Orange County residents have actually acknowledged me as ‘Best Marketing Agency.’ Thanks a ton to all who participated in the vote.”

Barbara Thorpe
Barbara (at)onlinemarketingdna(dot)com