Sunlight is essential to any Colorado home. For its warmth, its charm, its cheerfulness, it is an extraordinarily important decorating element. One you should not forfeit simply because you need privacy and light control.

Silhouette Window Shadings offer the precise answer. Two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended within them. When the vanes are open, the view outdoors is spared, and your Colorado home's natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow you privacy while maintaining the soft, beautiful style Silhouette Window Shadings create. When fully raised, Silhouette Window Shadings wholly retreat into the head rail for an unhampered view of the beautiful Colorado outside. You can pick from a variety of fabrics, colors, and 2", 3", 4" vane sizes.

Using natural light to illuminate a room's interior is called daylighting. Silhouettes offer daylighting by filtering the incoming light and accomplishing a warm glow. The two layers of sheer fabric revamp light and broaden visual comfort by lessening dark shadows and distributing light all over the room more evenly. More natural light lowers the need for artificial light, conserving energy. They filter out as much as 86% of harmful Colorado high altitude UV rays in the open-vane position and close to all in the closed position. Thus preserving your furniture and other belongings from the Colorado sun's damaging rays.

Silhouette Window Shadings can come with opaque vanes, but they do not close up fully tight. They are similar to venetian blinds in light blockage. Therefore they are not advocated if you need a blackout window covering.

Silhouette Window Shadings highlight attraction and elegance by making a matchless visual experience. Connecting the advantages of draperies, shades and blinds, these shades offer light control, and may have an unobstructed view of the outside, UV protection, privacy, energy efficiency, top-down/bottom-up raising system, manual or motorized controls and specialty shape applications. Silhouette Window Shadings do all this while providing a backdrop of understated splendor.

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