Siemens empowers SMEs with technology solutions

  • Launches ‘Siemens Productivity Tour’, a mobile road show covering 204 locations in 86 cities
  • It will highlight innovative technologies for productivity and efficiency improvement
  • Verticals targeted include automotive, medical, aerospace, power, F&B, packaging, textile, printing and pharmaceutical industries


Siemens Industry Sector unveiled the ‘Siemens Productivity Tour’, a nation-wide, multi-city mobile road show aimed at empowering small and medium manufacturing enterprises across India with technologies for productivity and efficiency. Targeted primarily at automotive, medical, aerospace, power, F&B, packaging, textile, printing and pharmaceutical industries, this road show will cover 204 locations in 86 cities across India. Through this ‘Productivity tour’, Siemens aims to raise awareness among the SMEs about the definite competitive advantage that can be gained by adopting innovative technologies and solutions

According to FICCI, Indian manufacturing segment houses over 26 million MSME units that employ around 59 million people. However today, the Indian MSME sector contributes only 8% to the GDP, as compared to that of China, where the contribution is almost 60% of the GDP.

Despite its enormous size, the sector is yet to realize its true potential. One of the reasons is the lack of technology penetration beyond industrial hubs in and around large cities. As the economy is going through testing times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the high growth rates without embracing cutting edge technology that can optimize energy efficiency and productivity.

Commenting on this launch, Mr. Bhaskar Mandal, Executive Vice President and Sector Cluster Lead - Industry Sector, Siemens South Asia, said, “It is imperative for manufacturers, especially the SME sector to adopt the latest technologies that enable them to improve productivity, enhance flexibility, optimize costs and increase profit margins .Proven technologies from Siemens can help these industries accelerate their growth and thus gain a competitive edge globally.”


On display inside the trailer will be innovative products ranging from variable frequency drives, servo motors, servo drives, motion controllers, CNCs and engineering framework for automation and drive technology.


This road show will showcase how industrial processes can be optimized to achieve flexible, future ready, and highly productive integrated systems. Using videos and live technical demos, the road show will also demonstrate transparent energy flows and energy-saving potential using Siemens electric drive systems, motors and automation technologies.


Starting from Delhi, the first leg of the ‘Productivity tour’ will cover 14 cities of northern India namely Lucknow, Rudrapur City, Haridwar, Yamunanagar, Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Panipat, Alwar, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Dewas and Bhopal.


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