Shukriya Mere Dost.... Gunjan’s gives Manish Paul a special Shukriya surprise


It is often said that the simplest of gestures and the smallest of words can leave a lasting impact on one’s life. GunjanUtreja has been living this thought ever since he came on board as the host of Zindagi’s popular reality show Shurkiya, which airs every Sunday at 8.00 PM. Traveling the length & breadth of the country, giving people an opportunity to thank their loved ones, Gunjan has realized the power that a word as small as Shukriya can have in people’s lives. Overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude, Gunjan came up with the idea to also translate this emotion of Shukriya in his personal life.


After hosting an award ceremony together a few years back in Australia, Gunjan and Manish Paul developed a strong bond friendship. When he first met Manish, Gunjan was in awe of his humility and selflessness, and he continues to feel that way till date. A camaraderie that blossomed during a professional assignment has grown into a beautiful & lasting friendship today. As a token of gratitude for the support Manish has always been to Gunjan, the actor decided to take an evening off to thank his confidant, his guide, his support system, his best friend with a special Shurkiya surprise.


On being asked about why Gunjan would like to say Shukriya to Manish, the host said, “Manish is the most selfless and supportive person I have met. Despite being a successful anchor when we first met, he has never had an egotistical behavior and this only increased my respect for him. Be it emotional, mental or financial help, he has never backed out when needed. I’ve never thanked him personally and thought it was high time I did so”


Gunjan cooked a special meal for Manish Paul and shared special memories of their days together. Gunjan also gifted Manish a Superman hamper, the very excited Manish said that, “Gunjan has been an amazing friend and is also one of the best hosts in the country. I am very touched and surprised that he managed to pull off such an amazing surprise”.


Truly, a Shurkiya can change your life and give you memories that will last you a lifetime